Category: Engineering

Daniel DiFonzo Professional Milestones

Daniel F. DiFonzo

1940 Mr. DiFonzo is born in West Chester, Pennsylvania to Donato and Anna Rose DiFonzo. 1962 Mr. DiFonzo marries Sharon Lee Cowgill and receives a

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Kulanand Jha Professional Milestones

Dr. Kulanand Jha

1970 Dr. Jha receives a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur in India. 1972 Dr. Jha conducts research

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Guido Frassinelli Professional Milestones

Guido Frassinelli

1927 Mr. Frassinelli is born in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania to Joseph and Maria Frassinelli. 1948 Mr. Frassinelli receives a commission as a Second Lieutenant in

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