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Cherie K. MacQueen

1952 Ms. MacQueen is born in Kansas City, Missouri to Ira Raymond Milks and Margaret Estelle Milks. 1965 Ms. MacQueen authors the poem “Sweet Pea

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Kay L. Johannes

1952 Ms. Johannes is born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to James and Evelyn Johannes. 1972 Ms. Johannes receives an Associate of Applied Science in visual communications

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Jack W. Foley

1940 Mr. Foley is born in Neptune, New Jersey to John and Juana Foley. 1963 Mr. Foley receives a Bachelor of Arts in English literature

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Marianna Reges

1947 Ms. Reges is born in Budapest, Hungary to Otto H. and Alice M. Reges. 1956 Ms. Reges immigrates to the United States. 1963 Ms.

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