Category: Engineering

Christopher Stranahan Professional Milestones

Christopher J. Stranahan

1980 Mr. Stranahan receives an Associate Degree in industrial engineering technology. 1985 Mr. Stranahan joins Foresters, where he holds several branch and regional council positions.

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Fred Perilstein Professional Milestones

Fred M. Perilstein

1945 Mr. Perilstein is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Paul Pincus and Adeline Sylvia Perilstein. 1968 Mr. Perilstein receives a Bachelor of Science in economics

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Arthur Rubin Professional Milestones

Arthur L. Rubin, PhD

1970 Dr. Rubin receives the Putnam Fellowship. 1971 Dr. Rubin becomes a programmer in the Computer Center at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. 1972

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