Manuel Delgado

Architect | Urban Designer | Educator

Manuel Delgado

A Timeline of Professional Milestones 


Born to Manuel Delgado and Gladys Arteaga Delgado.


Earns a Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).


Earns a Master of Arts in museography from the Escuela Nacional de Churubusco Mexico (ENCRyM).


Works with Jesús Tenreiro, Architect in a number of projects and competitions through 1984. Among others in the Benedictine Abbey of San José, Güigüe, Edo. Carabobo: Architecture Preliminary Project.


Works for Centro Simón Bolívar C.A., Caracas as Urban Designer for San Agustín District Master plan and Chief Architectural Designer for San Agustín Boulevard and Public Buildings, through 87


Works for Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG-EDELCA) as Architecture consultant for the Dept. of Architecture, in collaboration with Architects Esther Añez and Lisette Delgado, through 1999.


Earns a Master of Science in urban studies and planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Works as Project Manager at Fenway Community Development Corporation through 2004 and is a member of the Urban Planning Committee through 2007. Is a on the board of directors of the Fenway Community Development Corporation through 2014.


Is an Associate Professor and Professor in charge of the Girona Study Abroad program within Architecture Department of the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and remains in this role.


Is principal on the team that won the Metropolitan Municipality of Caracas Design Competition to Transform La Carlota Airport into a Public Park in Caracas. He won first prize in partnership with Jorge Pérez and OPUS, Medellin.

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